Get to know | Ambassador | Warren Hepworth

Get to know | Ambassador | Warren Hepworth



Saddle Bronc and Bull Rider


Get to know Warren Hepworth….

Where are you from?
Perth, WA

When did you start riding?

Bikes (2) Boards (10) or Bulls(31) I'll ride anything.
Relatively new to the sport but no less committed.

Why did you start riding?

After a shoulder injury kept me out of surfing as freely as I used to Rodeo seemed like a bit of a thrill


Every 8 second ride


Win a big buckle and Ride in Victoria

Who or what inspires you

Every single rider behind the chutes that lends a bit of gear, pulls a rope and picks up the lads that go down.
Best Sporting Community in the world.

Community Involvement

RUOK Community Ambassador - 2015

Secrets for success

1. You create your own luck - hard yards in the background makes it look easy in the arena.
2. Smile - It's amazing what can come from being friendly
3. Listen and be humble - You wont learn anything with your mouth open.

Other Hobbies

Surfing, camping, cycling and anything outside. My secret hobby is crochet!

Favourite Inspirational Quote

Win Something or Learn Something