Get to know | Ambassador | Isaac Leclair

Get to know | Ambassador | Isaac Leclair

Rough Stock Rider


Get to know Isaac Leclair….

Where are you from?
Perth, WA


When did you start riding?

About 2 years ago roughly


Why did you start riding?

I like the adrenaline rush and all the people I meet and the friends I make



Qualified for the 2017/2018 ABCRA junior national finals
Represented WA in the ABCRA junior rodeo exchange programme
Qualified to compete in opens bulls before the age of 18



To start riding open bareback and qualify for the national finals again


Who or what inspires you

My Uncles and Aunties and all the mistakes I've made


Secrets for success

Stay quiet and humble, get around talking to different people, be kind to everyone


Other Hobbies

Fishing, camping, exploring different places, rock climbing, playing music


Favourite Inspirational Quote

You cant chage the past but you can change the future