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Welcome to our first release of BK8 Graphic Merch, a dream come true for Katie & Chevy that have been working on concepts and testing garments for 2 years now so ensure we got it right!

It only seemed fitting we launch with the Southern Cross collection as it's part of our logo :)

We wanted something to start with that was timeless and represented BK8



This is the lil speel about the Southern Cross which we wrote when Brand and Katie launched BK8

*Southern Cross*
It can be seen all year round from almost anywhere in the Australia.

Something we can all relate to is being in the outback and seeing the stars shine so bright away from city lights. When we are standing under this beautiful light display we feel so grateful for the amazing life we have and how blessed we are to be Australian. When we look up, we are mesmerised and we feel truly grounded and completely in the present moment.

I remember when we were kids, I would love laying out on the trampoline as a family on a summer balmy night and being lost in the moment watching the stars and meteoroids. Still today I love looking up to the stars, now with my young family.

We love that inner peace it brings, that grounding and reflection of what really matters in life.

Brad even has the Southern Cross tattooed on his back, we have a star named after us for our wedding date, we have been to the observatories, Houston space station, have taken night photos, we have stars somehow in nearly every business logo we have had. Every vehicle we have owned we have had the southern cross sticker proudly branding our car. When ever we are away from loved ones we look up to the stars and no we are looking at the same beautiful view at the same time.

As you can see being under the stars, the southern cross represents so much to not just our family but to so many others 🙂

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