Akubra | How to measure your head

Akubra | How to measure your head

What do I need?

Dressmaker tape OR
String, then measure against that against a ruler or tape measure

How to Measure your head?

Use the dressmaker tape to measure the circumference of the head.
Ensure that the tape is wound straight around the head and is level from front to back.
Measure a few times for accuracy, and even get a mate to help you out!

The tape should sit…

Approx. 1cm above the ears
Above the eyebrow ridges across the temple
You should feel a bump in the back of the head (ensure that the tape sits over the bump, as this will be the widest part)

What size to order…

You now have the measurement. Next step is to go up a cm. For example, a head measuring 58.1cm to 59cm would take a size 59 hat. 

Why do I go up a centimetre?

It's always best to buy a hat that is a little too big, rather than too small.
As well as moulding to your head, your Akubra hat will shrink over time.

What if it feels to loose when I first get it?

If a hat feels too loose initially, you can pack the inside of the band to make the hat feel smaller using folded tissues or foam fillers. We will send you a couple foam fillers 😊

On a Windy day how will be hat stay on?

We will send you a lil vid on a tip that we use to ensure the hat stays on, on a windy day 😊

Still unsure on size or even style?

Contact our Customer Happy Team at support@bk8outfitters.com.au

If you have any difficulty determining your size, please send us the measurements and we can recommend a size to fit.

Not sure if the hat style will suit you- feel welcome to send us a photo and we can advise what we think would look fab on you :)