We hear you!

Choosing what to buy online can be so overwhelming, specialising with ordering sizes. So we at BK8 Outfitters have taken our knowledge and that of our brands to help guide you in the process :)


Measuring Guidelines


  • Ask someone else to take the measurements for you
  • Wear light clothing as thicker garments like jumpers and jeans will add to measurements
  • Remove items from pockets such as wallets in the back hip pocket
  • Measure with the tape flat against the body
  • Do not hold the tape too loose or too tight
  • Do not put fingers under the tape

These charts have been developed to assist our customers find a suitable size when shopping for clothes. There are a lot of variation between Australian, International, and different Brand sizes so please use these charts as a guide only.



Bust (fullest): Place the measuring tape under your arms and measure your bust at the fullest part.

Waist (slimmest): Place your hands at your waist. This tends to be your natural waistline and this is the narrowest part of your torso. Place the measuring tape at this position to record your measurement.

Hip (fullest): Put your legs together. Place the tape measure at the widest point of your hip area, 20cm down from natural waistline.

Inseam: Measured from crotch point to ankle bone. Inseam for jeans are as below, unless stated in the product description.