What You Will Need:

  • Measuring Tape
  • Shirt that fits you

Thing You Should Know Before You Measure Your Feet:

  • It is best to measure your feet after a full day of walking because walking can slightly increase the size of your feet.
  • If you usually wear thick socks with your boots/shoes, you may like to measure your feet in the socks you will be wearing. Thick socks can add 1/2-1 full size to your usual size.
  • Measure both feet. Most people's feet are slightly asymmetrical. When buying shoes use the measurements from the larger foot.

Measuring Your Shirt Size In Six Basic Steps:

  1. Find a shirt that fits you well
  2. Close all of the buttons spread the shirt out on a flat surface
  3. Measure just below the armpits for the chest size.
  4. Take the waist measurement across the narrowest part of the torso.
  5. Take the length measurement in the back, from collar to hem.