Wild Goose | Boots | Ugg | Long | Premium | Chestnut

$145.00 $199.95 Save $54.95

Premium long boot is our most popular and ultimate outdoor boot. It offers extra warmth and fashion to the normal ugg boots.

  • Designed for elegance and comfort
  • Heel stiffener for support
  • Can be worn with the top folded down to show luxury inner wool
  • Moulded rubber outsole
  • Reinforced toe and heel
  • Full leather support for lace on the side
Size: USA 6M/7L *ENG5 24.5cm
USA 4M/5L *ENG3 22.5cm
USA 5M/6L *ENG4 23.5cm
USA 6M/7L *ENG5 24.5cm
USA 7M/8L *ENG6 25.5cm
USA 8M/9L *ENG7 26.5cm
USA 9M/10L *ENG8 27cm
USA 10M/11L *ENG9 28cm
USA 11M/12L *ENG10 29cm
USA 12M/13L *ENG11 30cm
USA 13M/14L *ENG12 31cm
USA 14M/15L *ENG13 32cm
USA 15M/16L *ENG14 33cm