Wild Goose | Boots | Ugg | Long Lace | Premium | Chestnut

$145.00 $199.95 Save $54.95

Wild Goose Premium Lace Up Long Sheepskin Boots offer that little bit of extra warmth and fashion compared to normal ugg boots.

The moulded rubber outsole is suitable for inside or outside, so you can keep your feet toasty warm wherever you are!


  • Offers extra warmth and fashion
  • Sidewall stitch for maximum durability and flexibility
  • Reinforced toe and heel give extra support
  • Full leather support for lace on the side
  • Moulded rubber outsole
  • Sidewall stitch
  • Reinforced toe and heel
  • Full leather support for lace on the side
Size: USA 14M/15L *ENG13 32cm
USA 4M/5L *ENG3 22.5cm
USA 5M/6L *ENG4 23.5cm
USA 6M/7L *ENG5 24.5cm
USA 7M/8L *ENG6 25.5cm
USA 8M/9L *ENG7 26.5cm
USA 9M/10L *ENG8 27cm
USA 10M/11L *ENG9 28cm
USA 11M/12L *ENG10 29cm
USA 12M/13L *ENG11 30cm
USA 13M/14L *ENG12 31cm
USA 14M/15L *ENG13 32cm
USA 15M/16L *ENG14 33cm