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What You Will Need:

  • Your socks
  • Piece of paper
  • Pen
  • Ruler
  • A friend (recommended, but not essential)

Thing You Should Know Before You Measure Your Feet:

  • It is best to measure your feet after a full day of walking because walking can slightly increase the size of your feet.
  • If you usually wear thick socks with your boots/shoes, you may like to measure your feet in the socks you will be wearing. Thick socks can add 1/2-1 full size to your usual size.
  • Measure both feet. Most people's feet are slightly asymmetrical. When buying shoes use the measurements from the larger foot.

Measuring Your Feet In Six Basic Steps:

  1. Step down on a piece of paper
  2. Trace the outline of your foot. (If you have trouble touching your toes, it will be easier if you have a friend to trace your foot for you.)
  3. Mark a line at the heel and at the tallest toe
  4. Use the ruler to measure the length of your foot from the longest toe (usually the big toe but depends on the foot) to the back of your heel.
  5. Write down the measurement.
  6. Compare your foot measurements to the measurements on our site to find the number that corresponds to your shoe length.

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Ed Hill
BK8 Store Karratha

Really great products, everything fit really well even though I'm bigger sizes. All of the gear I bought which was 2 shirts, a pair of awesome blue jeans, boots and akubra hat were of the best quality. I was happy to pay the money as I know I will get years and years out of it all. The boots were particularly impressive as I wore them the next day for about 5 hours and they were comfy no need to break them in. Will be back.

Ryan George

Very comfortable and was great customer service

Lesa Rae

Great products and great friendly staff

Reece Odonnell

Thomas Cook | Mens Boots | Elastic Sided | All Rounder

Gavin Ashburton

Thomas Cook | Mens Boots | Elastic Sided | All Rounder