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Meet James- who is actually Owens middle name.

The Owen hat went off and we loved the colours and style, so we decided to do the hat in reverse colours. Hope you love it as much as we do :)
Owen worked with us casually prior to him going to work for Malley full time. This legend is a huge supporter loving our gear and sharing what BK8 is all about.⠀

We are so grateful to have him as a super best mate of BK8 still with us today.⁠⠀
When designing the Owen Hat we wanted a hat that would go with all outfits- being able to dress it up to go to the pub, to dressing it down to working outdoors. ⠀

This hat is designed for the bloke thats looking for a classic, reliable always there for you hat- similar to Owens personality 😜⠀

Love his work/ life quote “if the wheels aint turning, you aint earning”⠀
Checkout the new BK8 James Hat 🥰⠀⠀⁠