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Saltwater Country


Saltwater Country Inc. is a grass roots not for profit organisation, born out of the red dirt and sweat that is synonymous with living and breathing the land in the Kimberley. It celebrates a lifestyle that strives to maintain a connection to the land through engaging all generations and community members. It is an Aboriginal lead organisation that builds on the symbolic power of the cowboy in remote Australia. A position of strength, where the freedom of the cowboy became the freedom of Aboriginal people and their communities to find their own way. To this day Aboriginal people maintain a living and working connection to the pastoral & rodeo ways of life whilst maintaining connection country and culture.

SALTWATER COUNTRY INC pays respect to the way we as Aboriginal people in the area refer to our land and waters; whilst speaking directly to the way of life for both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in the region, living off the land, the music we listen to, celebrating strong women and men in the regional landscape.

It is with this in mind that Saltwater Country is committed to a strength based approach where Rhythm & Ride: Rodeo, Campdraft, Country music is used as a platform to showcase art, culture, food, sporting prowess and musical talent whilst supporting the development of other initiatives such as equine therapy, horsemanship, riding schools etc. relevant to our community. The income from all sales goes back into the organisation to develop large, sustainable, innovative and scalable events and initiatives for Broome, the Kimberley and beyond.  



Ladies | Tee S/S | Save a Horse | Charcoal
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