Frequently Asked Questions

Comfort, a good heel with a flat sole. The Bomber and Roper styles, as well as the Thomas Cook range of elastic siders are all solid choices for a riding boot.
We suggest the Bomber or Roper styles for the fellas, or the Ropers for the ladies. They’re functional, not flash, with a low heel.

A pair or Ropers would be first choice. 

But if you aren’t used to wearing cowboy boots, go for a pair of our Thomas Cook ankle boots, or even slip-ons from the moccaison range will probably suit you better.

Comfort, comfort, comfort, and we cannot stress this enough; comfort. 

While not designed for walking long distances, historically the cowboy boot was designed to be all-purpose piece of equipment for riding through scrub, protecting the wearer from thorns, snakebite, mud and from being ‘hung up’ in the stirrups after being thrown from the saddle.

Today, boots are as much a fashion statement as they are a tool of the trade. 

All the boots at BK8 are chosen for both style and comfort.

In short? No way!

A great pair of boots is a comfortable alternative to heels, and a perfect grab-and-go wardrobe piece to take a kind of eh outfit to the next level. 

For the fellahs, a decent pair of boots is going to be your new best friend to take you from the pub, to dinner at your mother-in-law’s, with minimum effort from your better half.

A generally accepted rule with cowboy boots in Australia is to never tuck your jeans into your boots. 

Certainly, don’t tuck bootcut or wide leg jeans into the boot, as it is uncomfortable.

However, like with all things personal style, how you wear your boots is up to you.

Now this…this is a point of some contention, even within Team BK8! 

And we agree on everything!
(PS No the heck we don’t, where would be the fun in that?!)

It’s not something we recommend for the blokes. 

For the ladies, if you’re going to wear skinny jeans with your cowboy boots, make sure you have a boot with a slim shaft (the tallest part of the boot). 

A boot with a wider shaft is going to ruin the lines of your outfit.

Other than personal preference, there are a few important things to consider in regards to the style of boot. 

If you have a wider foot, you might prefer a square toe boot such as the PWS toe, compared to a pointed or rounded toe, known as a U toe or an R toe boot. 

In terms of heel, here at BK8 we stock boots with riding, block, walking and fashion heels.

There should be a snug fit over the arch of your foot-this is the part of the boot that holds your foot in place. 

Enough room to wiggle your toes, but not enough so you’re slipping forward. In the heel, you should have around a centimetre of movement from the heel to the sole of the boot when you step. 

Listen for a ‘pop’ in the store when you are first pulling a boot on; this is a good indication of fit.

Here’s a tricky one: yes and no. 

It does depend on a few factors, such as where, when and how you will be wearing the boot. 

Making sure you are choosing the right style of boot will make all the difference in terms of comfort and support.

While the best way to choose a pair of boots is to try them on, we do offer an in-depth How To Measure Your Size tab on the website with our boots. 

Simply find a style you like the look of, scroll down the page and find the tab that says Measure.

Then head to the Sizing Tab of the boot and BK8 have put in their personal tips and advice on each of the products :)

How to Measure your Foot to get your Boot Size with BK8 Outfitters

How To Measure Your Feet

What You Will Need:Your socksPiece of paperPenRulerA friend (recommended, but not essential) 

Thing You Should Know Before You Measure Your Feet:

It is best to measure your feet after a full day of walking because walking can slightly increase the size of your feet.If you usually wear thick socks with your boots/shoes, you may like to measure your feet in the socks you will be wearing. Thick socks can add 1/2-1 full size to your usual size.Measure both feet. Most people's feet are slightly asymmetrical. When buying shoes use the measurements from the larger foot. 

Measuring Your Feet In Six Basic Steps:

  1. Step down on a piece of paper
  2. Trace the outline of your foot. (If you have trouble touching your toes, it will be easier if you have a friend to trace your foot for you.)
  3. Mark a line at the heel and at the tallest toe
  4. Use the ruler to measure the length of your foot from the longest toe (usually the big toe but depends on the foot) to the back of your heel.
  5. Write down the measurement in cm.
  6. Compare your foot measurements to the measurements on our site to find the number that corresponds to your shoe length.

Well, to begin with, how much do you like this sister/brother/distant cousin or neighbour? 

Because we also have a lovely selection of whips and pocket knives….


Anyway, check in with our Sizing guide for the best way to pick a boot for the tin lids, and don’t be afraid to ask! 

Team BK8 loves to help out choosing gifts, especially for neighbour’s who continue to put fish heads in your bin ;)